We may sell some of the best brands in the AV world, but if we don’t provide great care for our customers, we are nothing. We want you to experience what we call Red Carpet Customer Service. Along with the different types of systems we can install, we also offer a number of services for your various AV needs.

If you are a client needing service on your system and/or equipment, click the button to submit a request.

We not only do things in a revolutionary way, we also offer services that you won’t find anywhere else. Our exclusive services are 100% dedicated to greatly increasing the deciding and buying experience of our clients. You should love your new stuff and the process by which you obtain it. These services help to ensure that you will find it easy, rewarding, and enjoyable to work with us. Plus, they are a way we extend our hand in good faith to show how serious we about Red Carpet Customer Service.


Second Look Guarantee

Not sure if your current proposal is a good deal or the whole story? We have found many design/install companies leave out full details to keep the initial proposal cost low, only to reveal the true costs later as “extras” once you are under contract. Your original budget gets blown out of the water and you are stuck. We have run into it and seen too many good customers get burned.

We offer a free, absolute no pressure, second look at your current proposal. Our analysis provides an opportunity to catch many of these tricks before you sign a contract. We will make sure you are comparing apples to apples. We are always very competitive, so if another company is much cheaper, it is for a reason. We are here to keep the industry honest. That is part of the electronics REVOLT!

redSell Service

Homeowners, realtors, builders, and anyone else who is trying to sell their property know that one of the keys to connecting with a buyer is making sure you correctly convey all of the valuable assets it has to offer. This becomes even more important, yet increasingly more difficult, when trying to demo or explain a whole-home control system, theater, or other custom A/V solution built into the space.

This is why we created the redSell Service. We are available by appointment to be at the showing with the potential buyer to demonstrate the full capabilities of whatever solution exists. This adds immense value to each party. The seller can properly convey the home’s true value, and the buyer understands exactly what they are getting and the enjoyment it can add to their life. If there is no current solution in the home, but a prospective buyer would like there to be, we can also be on site to gather all of the information to create a solution that will meet their needs. Either way, you will not find this type of service anywhere else.