Security is as important, if not more, today than ever before.

Keeping your property and family protected is an invaluable necessity. We can install a system into your existing home or your new construction. In addition to monthly service rates that are very competitive, we can also tie the security into a complete control solution.

Redfli Electronics / Home Security

Redfli Security is your total security solution. We do it all—from sales and installation, to providing world-renowned service, all at a much higher quality than you will find anywhere else! Call us today to set up an on-site inspection and free quote for your system. We can answer any questions you have and will be your guide to land the best security system with the best service.


This is the most common thing a customer thinks of when mentioning security. Our intrusion solutions are designed to meet the changing needs of a diverse customer base. Featuring wired and wireless controls and components, these devices install easily and complement almost any decor. Scalable solutions make it easy for growing businesses or homes to upgrade and expand, while operating on an integrated platform for seamless compatibility and reliable performance.


A camera system (CCTV) can be an essential part of your home or business security system. This is not only a further deterrent for break ins, it also provides customers with real time viewing of their home, business or other location from anywhere in the world on about any device you own. If something where to happen you have it all on video helping the police expedite their case and more quickly getting you back to your normal life.



Wireless door locks make your home your favorite place to be. We offer premium home automation security with locks that can wirelessly communicate with other devices in the home. Check lock status remotely and securely lock or unlock your home with an iDevice or cell phone. Receive a text message when your child arrives home. Unlock your door, disarm the alarm, turn on the lights and your favorite music, all with the click of a button. These keyless locks meet the demanding needs of the modern family.


Access control solutions easily integrate into existing infrastructure and scale to meet changing needs. They install quickly and easily for more improved quality and longevity. For improved security, reduced costs and more effective response, access components work together to protect people, property and your bottom line.


What if you could dim the lights, lock the doors, turn up the heat and arm the alarm from any room in the house or anywhere in the world with a simple keypad, smartphone, tablet or remote? This is what a redTech home control system from Redfli can do for you. It simplifies your life, empowers your equipment by tying it all together and makes your home more green and efficient.


Getting the equipment and having us install it are the first two steps, but you still need service to make it all work. We provide the highest level of service to our customers through our partnership with one one of the oldest and most trusted security monitoring services in the nation. We can offer the one on one dedicate support and customer service level that the “big boys” can’t touch. Plus we can offer so many other things as well to compliment your system, allowing you to have one place to go for all your needs.

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Whether you’re building a new home or want to retrofit an existing one, we can set up a solid security system that will provide you sure protection, peace-of-mind, and convenience.