New Construction

Taking advantage of installing during a new build allows us endless possibilities for what you would like to accomplish, as well as giving us the opportunity to “future proof” your home or business. Here are just a few things to consider when planning out your new build to prevent headaches down the road.

Can’t the electricians do this?

This is one of the biggest mistakes customers make. Electricians are fantastic at what they do; specifically, the building’s electrical needs. There is, however, no substitute for using a dedicated AV company for everything else. We keep up-to-date on all the latest technology trends, so that we properly pre-wire the new build for anything you will need now, or in the future.

Not now, maybe later.

If you are thinking about adding that whole-building system down the road, adding a TV location or any other feature, there are cost effective ways to pre-wire for tomorrow. Without this forward thinking, the cost to complete the task in the future is exponentially higher.

It’s too much to think about.

We know there are already a million things to choose between when building your new home or office space. The last thing we want is for the most fun part of the build to be cumbersome. We simplify your decisions by giving you the best setup for your desires. We won’t bog you down with model numbers or unnecessary technical data. We simply deliver the best product mix that meets your goals—that’s it.

RETROFIT projects

Not everyone walks into the home or office of their dreams. Often, there are things one person will prefer that the previous owner did not. We can help here, too. We have many solutions that can be retrofitted into an existing home or building to bring it up to the new owner’s standards. We have put together some of the most innovative product lines, along with products that can be easily implemented after the build is finished, reducing remodeling costs and time involved.