Multi-Room Audio

We can build out the right combination of features and spacing to make sure all of the areas in your home that you want covered are complete.

Everyone loves music, but so many times where you are is not where your music system is. This is where a discreet distributed whole-home, multi-room audio system can provide immense value and listening pleasure. The music follows you wherever you are and when it’s time to entertain, everyone gets to hear the party!


Choosing your sources can be one of the most important features of a whole home solution. Knowing what kind of music you want and where it will come from will help make sure your system plays what you want.


Power is the driving force behind your system. We can help you choose the right amount of power for the type of application you decide to implement.

room & volume control

The selection of touchscreens & keypads we have are very powerful and stylish. They can be used to change the source, volume, track, and see the metadata (song information) in the room you are in. We can match your decorating style so the system blends seamlessly into the home.