Multi-Room Video

Once you experience the flexibility, cleanliness, and cost-savings a system provides you, it is hard to live without.

Clutter—no one likes it!

Multi-room video solutions eliminate the clutter of boxes and furniture at each TV. All sources, such as Blu-Ray players, satellite boxes, and more are located in a back room. Each TV still uses these sources, but with no need for them to be located next to that TV!


Simplicity is the key to so many things, yet it is hard to accomplish with complex systems. Our multi-room video systems provide a simple solution that works seamlessly behind the scenes without the homeowner needing to do a thing.


The epitome of the perfect TV wall installation is when you see nothing but the TV. No ugly shelves holding cable boxes or wires hanging down the wall. With a multi-room video solution there is nothing showing except your beautiful TV, yet you maintain all of the power to watch the sources you want.

shared sources

Every TV in the home shares the same remote satellite boxes and other sources. This means that your Blu-Ray player can be watched on any TV not just one. Want to view your CCTV cameras? Every TV now becomes a security monitor to maintain eyes on your home and family.

save money

Traditional 10 TV Home: Requires a satellite box (with a monthly rental for each), Blu-Ray Player, and a furniture piece to house the gear at each TV location. Multi-Room Video 10 TV Home: Requires only 1 satellite box and Blu-Ray player that all TV’s share. The result is approximately a $90 savings per month just for the satellite boxes alone!