A Complete Cinema

Whether it’s premium TVs or smart products, LG brings entertainment to your living room.

With LG’s TV technology, you’ll feel like you’re living, not watching, your favorite shows.

With incredible pictures, theater-quality sound and stunning video, their newest TV technology will transform your favorite movies, TV shows, sports and more. From the LG OLED TV, with its graceful curve and barely-there bezel that blends elegantly into any décor—to the LG Laser TV that creates a brilliant, space-saving theatre experience—and the LG 4K TV, with four-times the resolution of Full HD and four-times the “wow”… prepare yourself for the ultimate home entertainment experience.


Dive into action, adventure, and drama displayed across 8 million self-lit pixels on a bigger, bolder screen. The LG OLED award-winning TVs with perfect black, over a billion colors, and infinite contrast will have movie scenes jumping off the screen for viewing like no other.


LG NanoCell TV delivers enhanced 8K movies, sports and gaming. It raises the benchmark in LED picture quality. Nano Color brings natural, lifelike color. Nano Accuracy offers more precise color and wider angles. And AI elevates everything across picture, sound and connected home.


LG QNED MiniLED takes LED TV further than ever before. Enhanced brightness, deeper black, and brilliant color are showcased on a stunning ultra-big screen. This marks a giant leap forward in the evolution of LED TVs.