luxurious lakehouse

Multi-Room Audio

You can hardly beat the convenience of having speakers in every room you can control as you see fit. Hosting parties, making dinner, or watching your favorite shows—using your phone or touchscreens to control what’s playing in each room surely comes in handy.


You can set up TVs and theater spaces wherever you want. Beyond some typical TV hangs in expected rooms, this home ended up with a projector and drop-screen in the master bedroom.

Screen UpScreen Down


The brains of the operation is out-of-sight, out-of-mind, but the means to control the various components can be found all over the place—portable and on-wall touchscreens, switches, and, of course, your phone.


Control4 panelized lighting is a game-changer. With a set-up like this, being able to control the lights throughout your house is completely different than your typical experience.


Cameras, sensors, doorbell, and window security have this house fully secured—all manageable from your phone no matter where you are.