Panelized Lighting

What is Control4 Panelized Lighting?

Also known as centralized lighting, Control4 Panelized Lighting is a variation on the typical line-voltage infrastructure, which has been used in homes and businesses for years. Panelized lighting utilizes a centralized/star wiring configuration, where circuits from the breaker box are routed first to a centrally-located enclosure (panel), which houses dimmer, relay, and other system control modules. From there, the switched/dimmed circuits are routed directly to the loads.

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Control4 Smart Lighting is a perfect extension to any security system. With Control4’s Mockupancy™ setting, your shades and lights can turn on and off at intervals to simulate occupancy inside of your home while you’re away. All interior and exterior lights can also flash repeatedly if an alarm is triggered, alerting neighbors or authorities of unusual activity or unauthorized access to your home.

Panelized Lighting Design Types

1. Centralized Panel Design

In a centralized panel design, the electrical wiring for all lighting in the home or business is routed through one or more centrally-located panels (typically in an equipment closet or utility room) before being run to the lights throughout the home or business.

2. Distributed Panel Design

A distributed panel design is similar to a centralized panel design, but includes two or more panel locations throughout the home. In this design, circuits are routed from the breaker box to designated panel locations and then to the loads.

3. Hybrid System Design

A hybrid system design combines a centralized or distributed layout of panels with localized Control4 or conventional switches and dimmers placed in key locations throughout the home. This design allows for traditional lighting control in areas such as guest rooms, closets, etc., where a low-voltage keypad is not desired