To ensure your home’s system is best maintained and operating at full capacity, we offer various levels of subscription packages that contain both services and benefits.

WHY THE NEED? One of the keys to a system running in optimal health and at maximum speed is consistent service. Instead of waiting for the “heart attack” to happen, we address and correct operations quickly preventing the issues that can come from a system being ignored. Driving your car without changing the oil only lasts so long. There are a myriad of benefits to this service, however the core benefits are where the real value lies.

Monthly Plans
Quarterly Plans
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  • Components constantly updated to latest firmware and OS (New updates released every month or so)
  • System testing to identify issues, ensuring when it’s time, the system works as expected

  • Security maintenance and checks to be sure your safety is always in order

  • Batteries automatically replaced when levels are low

  • Priority when scheduling service calls

  • Exclusive benefits and discounts


The ability for us to be on site every month is an invaluable asset.