Vecta v240-LV

The brand that delivers excellence in driver, cabinet, electronic and acoustic design is Monitor Audio.

Since 1972, Monitor Audio’s near fanatical commitment to quality in every aspect of loudspeaker design coupled with its willingness to innovate has inspired global recognition and acclaim. Daring to challenge design orthodoxy has been its signature approach.

When Monitor Audio launched its R852MD loudspeaker—the first model to incorporate a metal dome tweeter—it caused quite a stir. Until that time, most metal domes were single-metal types made from copper or titanium and virtually all sounded unconvincing. The R852 used an aluminium-magnesium alloy dome and sounded significantly better and smoother than all of its single-metal rivals. It also incorporated ferro-fluid damping/cooling of the metal voice-coil former and a vented voice coil mechanism for better heat dissipation. These radical design elements formed the basis for successive generations of C-CAM® metal domes.

By consistently refining and applying the technology, Monitor Audio has become the world’s foremost proponent of metal dome drivers. Monitor Audio designs and builds its own cabinets and crossovers as well, so that it can optimise the incomparable blend of virtues that makes Monitor Audio loudspeakers unique: clean, dynamic sound, superior build quality and innovative design. And because they share a philosophy of excellence and a consistency of quality and voicing, loudspeakers of different types: on-wall, in-wall, floor and stand-mounting, may be used together to create the perfect blend of colour and shape for any room.

In the strength and depth of Monitor Audio’s evolving product portfolio, the ideal of a universal whole-house loudspeaker brand finds true expression. Decades of accumulated expertise and knowledge have refined the rare mix of innovation, reliability and sheer performance that has propelled the brand to global status and on which aficionados of music and movie sound have come to rely.