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At Redfli, we live and breathe the audio/video world. We offer much more than a place simply to buy products. We provide a place to design, purchase and professionally install a state-of-the-art home theater, whole home solution or any other custom installed project. Our staff works directly with you, the client, along with the designer, architect, builder, interior decorator and cabinet makers to create individually designed systems that fit your needs and lifestyles.

Red Carpet Customer Service

This is not just our credo, it is our way of life. Business is nothing without its loyal customers, and loyal customers are only loyal for a reason. Our success in this industry is directly related to our over-the-top customer service and attention to detail. We treat every client like family, whether you’re new to us or have been working with us for years. There are no “old boys” clubs here, just good, old-fashioned quality in everything we do, for everyone we meet.

Our success in this industry is directly related to our over-the-top customer service and attention to detail.


This is something we believe in above everything else. You will find that our system designs have “no catches.” We do not swoop in at the last second revealing expenses that were not talked about up front, or tack on extra fees for things included in the system design. Things that can change a design price like option changes and mid-install changes you decide to make are completely and thoroughly discussed with you at that time. We don’t want you to worry about excess charges. You should know what it is going to cost; simple as that!


Without superior quality in our workmanship, integrations and installations we would be nothing. One can offer all the product in the world, but if it is not installed correctly it’s useless. We treat every installation and every project as if it were going into our personal homes or showroom. We absolutely never cut corners and we don’t leave until everything is perfect. We back all of our installations with a one-year warranty after successful completion of the project to prove this to our customers.

Our System Designs & Process

The system designs we present to you will offer the best possible options to accomplish the needs and wants that you convey to us. We are very particular on the brands we do business with and the models we implement into our designs. We stand behind what we implement, so you know the products will last and will run as smoothly as possible. You can rest assured you are getting the very best products for the amount of money you have budgeted for the project.

We work with the designer, architect, builder, interior decorator and cabinet makers, not against them. We schedule our install crews to be there at times that best coordinate with other sub-contractors, eliminating crowded or in-the-way scenarios. Construction always has variables, and we are eliminating all that we can. By coupling our world class products with a custom system design for each client, Redfli Custom is able to offer you the true custom experience.

Redfli 2-Channel Set Up

New or Used?

The best time to have a custom solution installed and designed is while you are building your brand new home. This enables us to have endless possibilities to configure whatever you desire more efficiently and with greater ease. However, many people move into a new home that is already finished and would like to implement a new system that meets their needs. We can help here, too. We have many solutions that can be retrofit into an existing home to bring it up to the new owner’s standards.

To get started, contact us via email, phone or by stopping in our showroom and we will work with you to get an initial idea of your needs and scope of the project. We will then set up a time with you to visit the site or discuss in more detail what you would like to accomplish.

What all can we do?

Anything you want! We can provide you budget-minded solutions that will still knock your socks off, to complete systems with no ceiling. Your imagination is the limit. Need speakers and video options throughout your entire home with the capability to distribute audio and video throughout all your devices? Redfli has many great options to get your media distributed and set up in multiple rooms throughout the home. Screens, speakers and more will allow you to make sure wherever you are in your home, you have access to digital media. Need full control of your home? We can provide you with full home automation that includes integrating your HVAC, security system, lighting and blinds into a cohesive whole-home system that becomes part of your home and enhances everyday life. We can literally design about anything you are in the market for. Just ask.

  • Security
  • Networking
  • Smart Home
  • Home Theater
  • Distributed Audio
  • Distributed Video
  • 2-Channel Audio
  • Shades / Blinds
  • Furniture
2-Channel Equipment
Redfli Electronics / Theater Room Equipment

Second Look Guarantee

Not sure if your current proposal is a good deal or the whole story? We have found many design/install companies leave out full details to keep the initial proposal cost low, only to reveal the true costs later as “extras” once you are under contract. Your original budget gets blown out of the water and you are stuck. We have run into it and seen too many good customers get burned.

We offer a free, absolute no pressure, second look at your current proposal. Our analysis provides an opportunity to catch many of these tricks before you sign a contract. We will make sure you are comparing apples to apples. We are always very competitive, so if another company is much cheaper, it is for a reason. We are here to keep the industry honest. That is part of the electronics REVOLT!