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The Control4 Home Automation system makes control of your property easy, secure, and, yes, even fun. Interactive devices such as the Neeo touchscreen remote, in-wall or tabletop touchscreens, or the Control4 OS app on your phone provide you with convenient ways to take immediate control.

More Personalized than Ever Before

OS 3 gives you unmatched personalization and control capabilities that make your smart home uniquely your own. Mark your most frequently used rooms as favorites so you can quickly swipe between them, and every room is customizable to your liking, right down to the wallpaper for each space.

Simplicity at Its Finest

OS 3 is intuitive, providing easy access and control for all devices across your home. See only the lights that are on, music that is currently playing, or glance at the entire home in one place using interfaces and gestures you’re familiar with.

At-a-Glance Views of Your Entire Home

Consolidate devices from across the entire house into a single screen, so you can instantly view the status of your security system, smart door locks, shades that are open, or lights throughout the home—and take immediate control.

OS 3 icons visually represent individual states for connected devices, so you can instantly see whether a door is locked, the fan is on, or the garage is open.

NEEO Remote

Inspired and crafted by experts in Swiss design, Neeo meets the demand for beautiful products to complement the homes they live in. Neeo is a sleek, refined remote with a modern design and a mix of both tactile buttons and a high-resolution, graphical glass touchscreen interface. Neeo’s weight, balance, and texture were all meticulously considered to feel comfortable in the hand.

control4 remote

Whole Home Control in the Palm of Your Hand

Neeo provides an elegant interface to control your entire home. Turn on/off individual lights, activate lighting scenes, even lock the doors—right from the comfort of your couch. Access any television from any room or queue up your favorite streaming music service to begin playing throughout the house.

Neeo is dedicated to providing a more enjoyable watching experience. Switch between video sources, such as the Roku, AppleTV, Blu-ray, satellite, or even gaming consoles—effortlessly.

Favorites are front and center with familiar graphical navigation using one-touch icons for ESPN, Netflix, CNN, FOX, HBO, or any of the family’s favorite programs.

The graphical interface provides easy scrolling and a simple tap to select. Sculpted, tactile buttons provide the most-commonly used controls like volume and mute, while the OK button doubles as a play/pause.

Published On: August 17th, 2020Categories: Control4, Home Automation, Products