Arcam AVR750

Arcam designs and manufactures award winning Hi-fi and home cinema equipment from its base just outside Cambridge in the UK.

Arcam exists to bring the highest fidelity reproduction of music and movies into people’s homes. We are committed to engineering products that deliver a level of audio performance that is so convincing and lifelike that it connects you straight to the emotional power of the music. If you love music and movies then you need to experience the magic that an Arcam-based system can produce.

Arcam first began buildinga sound reproduction equipment in 1972, whilst its founders were still science and engineering students at Cambridge University. The company’s products were originally branded “A & R Cambridge Ltd”. The “A & R” standing for “Amplification & Recording” reflecting the founders interests in these subjects.

Having examined many of the amplifiers that were commercially available at the time they were generally disappointed with what they found.The mass produced Japanese equipment compromised sound quality while some of the more specialist British and American designs, though sonically better, weren’t very reliable. At first the fledgling company sold its sound equipment to local enthusiasts, but soon the reputation of the company’s product offering spread further afield.

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In 1976 the company had designed and built its very first domestic Hi-fi amplifier, the A60. Having initially planned to make just 50 units the company soon found that demand greatly exceeded supply. In fact the A60 went on to become a Hi-fi classic, with more than 30,000 sold around the world. Many of these amplifiers are still in use today. It was the simplicity of the original design, coupled with the integrity of the materials used, that gave the A60 both superior sound and a long, reliable life.

Over the years we’ve applied this philosophy of simplicity and integrity to everything we’ve built, from entry level hi-fi amplifiers, tuners and CD players to our most advanced products in both home cinema and hi-fi Now for over a quarter of a century Arcam has responded enthusiastically to the challenges brought by the speed of new technology development, but has never lost sight of what is important to our customers.

In order to get a performance edge, we are dedicated to designing and producing products from the ground up with home grown, quality driven technology and long-term product support. As a result of our ability to embrace the best of the technology advances while preserving our customer focus, Arcam receives rave reviews and awards from around the world for systems that deliver sensational performance with both music and movies.

In the fast-moving world of digital video, Arcam has again risen to the challenge of incorporating the latest technology – we were the first European specialist manufacturer to take on board the engineering challenge of delivering the best of both worlds – and we now have some of the most exciting products on the market, with our premium award-winning home cinema combination regarded by experts around the world as some of the finest AV products ever designed.

The Arcam team are dedicated to providing high performance solutions for people who demand the best from movies and music. Where appropriate, our products utilize the latest ground-breaking technology, whilst maintaining a sophisticated simplicity of design. We pride ourselves on producing equipment which lasts; indeed, we are still able to repair most products we made over twenty years ago.