operation control4

Media Space

The main living area right off the kitchen has a 5.1 in-wall speaker set-up. You can see a custom color on the front in-walls, which blends in better with the stone wall. The rear speakers are in the ceiling just above the back sitting area and the sub sits just behind the couch along the window wall. A great place to entertain, indeed.

Entry Security

This doorbell unit comes equipped with a two-way audio system so you can talk to your visitors if needed, plus a camera so you can see them as well. It integrates nicely with your automation system so you hear the bell ring through your speakers system, pausing any music or video you have going on at the moment.

Outdoor Audio

Integrate outdoor speakers to your liking. These units provide not just a great sound completely suitable for entertaining guests at any level, but they also blend in nicely with the exterior of your house. Don’t forget that these speakers connect to your system so you can stream any music using your phone as the controller.

House Brains

The brains of your operation is tucked away nicely so people never see where the operation goes down—all powered by the remarkable Control4 system.

Distributed Audio

You can put speakers in any room you want. We’ll go the extra mile to make sure we can install them in a way to where guests hardly know they are there.

Theater Space

As soon as you walk into the basement of this house, you enter the theater. Two-tiered seating provides a great space for ten people to comfortable watch their movie. A 7.2 Focal system brings this space to life, along with the high-end Epson projector.

Home Theater