Synthesis / Roma Tubes

Art in Music

SYNTHESIS company is a dynamic, fast growing company that looks to the future and, compared with other companies in this field, has been able to anticipate the metamorphosis of the various success factors in the Hi-Fi market.

When they originally began their searches in this field of sound and sense’s, they were drawn fundamentally from two aspects: The extreme of their sonic abilities and the aesthetic sense of this concept.

In the years that have followed they have strived to further push these limits without being imposed with any pre-conception of boundaries that would hold back this aim for sonic excellence. During this advent of time the sound has improved many fold, but their passion has never waned, only continued with even more intensity in an effort to bring them closer in their search for the pinnacle of satisfaction.

One day a colleague came to listen to the efforts of their work and as she listened she kindly said to them that in her eyes they were perfect. As she listened they noticed that she did so with her eyes open. They thought, for her they were perfect, then why are they not so for them? Why did they not fulfil all of their sense’s? They realised that they have never listened with their eyes open. They saw that in order to complete the picture, their sense of vision should also be as pleased. They want them to sing in sight as well as sound. To give them the same sensuous body as the music. To have the design, shapes, materials and colours that would excite their soul.

Today, their research into the sound is as strong as it ever was, maybe even more so. But now they know that like a beautiful painting, they must ensure that the frame is as beautiful by comparison. The company is now among the most important and best appreciated companies in this sector, and this has been thanks to the intuition shown in foreseeing the importance of design and communications, as well as to the capacity to identify already well-known partners, thus enabling it to successfully penetrate foreign markets.

Quality, communications and distribution; a three-dimensional model that guides the development of their company both in Italy and abroad, and allows it to be in perfect tune with the market’s latest developments. From its foundation in 1992, the “Synthesis Art in Music ®” has had as its main objective the design of equipment whose ultimate aim is not just sound reproduction, but also to offer a product that represents refined elegance and musicality all rolled into a single element.

Synthesis / Roma Tubes