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For many of you, the name Sunfire is synonymous with subwoofers—and for good reason.

Bob Carver’s innovative designs in the early 1990s are what created the small box, high power subwoofer category that you know and love. These concepts have become commonplace nowadays, but 10+ years ago it was a much different story.

1965—Carver’s earliest years of validating the latest audio technologies and looking for unconventional approaches to amplifier design.

The year was 1972, and a graduate student named Bob Carver was about to turn an ordinary classroom assignment into the beginning of an iconic brand of home audio products. That assignment-to build a machine that would simulate earthquakes-became the springboard for a four-decade run of innovative ‘firsts’ and ‘onlys’ that have continually raised the benchmark for the entire home audio industry.

Equally as important to Sunfire’s pedigree is Bob Carver’s innovative approach to amplifier design. After founding Phase Linear and Carver with incredibly powerful amplifiers, he started a new chapter in the early 1990s with Sunfire and his Tracking Downconverter. This hallmark Sunfire technology is at the heart and soul of every amplifier and subwoofer that we make. The result are products that when experienced first-hand will move you—literally, if that’s what you’re in to.