Sunfire SDS-10 // Dual 10″ Subwoofer

Sunfire SDS-10 // Dual 10″ Subwoofer

$ 500.00

More Bass from Less Space

When you want to experience more from your movies and music, the SDS-10 steps up to deliver peak power output of 500W using a 10″ custom Sunfire driver that is mated to a 10″ down-firing radiator. Twice the woofers for twice the bass! The SDS-10 incorporates Sunfire’s wide-band, energy efficient Class D amplifier and produces twice the output of its smaller sibling – while only consuming a half a watt in standby. Sunfire’s exclusive FFDTM technology results in superior fidelity, higher output and with lower distortion than the competition.

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Categories: Subwoofer
Brand: Sunfire

Dual Long-Throw Drivers

To get big bass, you need to move lots of air. That’s why every DS subwoofer comes with a Sunfire-designed, long throw woofer and an acoustically matched passive radiator. Move twice the air, get twice the bass – and from the same amount of space!

Sunfire Class-D Amplifier

Like many siblings, the DS line has taken the lessons learned from its older brothers and sisters –reinvented them, and called them its own. Take for example Sunfire’s classic approach to high-efficiency, high-output power supply design. The DS subwoofers are the first in the family to feature Class-D amplification, while sharing many of the same benefits as their higher-end counterparts. This approach dynamically adjusts the output of the subwoofer’s power supply to suit the requirements of the incoming audio signal, while keeping the form factor extremely compact – a hallmark of Sunfire engineering.



ConfigurationFront firing active woofer, down firing passive radiator
Power Output250W RMS / 500W Peak
Soft Clipping Circuitryyes
Auto Turn-Onyes
Level Controlyes
Crossover Adjustment30-150Hz inf. var.
Crossover Bypassyes
Phase Adjustment0-180° inf. var.
InputsRCA Inputs/Outputs
Gold Plated Connectionsyes
Detachable Power Cordyes
FinishBlack ash


Frequency Response30-150Hz
Maximum SPL (inc. room gain)103 db
Driver Impedance4 ohms
Input Impedance10K ohms
Power Consumption (120VAC, 50-60Hz)40W (Based on 1/8th power all the time at 35Hz)
Standby Consuption (120VAC, 50-60Hz)0.5W
Dimensions (W x H x D)15.12 x 13.23 x 13.97″ / 384 x 336 x 355 mm
Weight34 lb / 15.4 kg


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