Redfli Giftcard

Redfli Giftcard

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Whether you are purchasing for someone special or for yourself, redBucks gift cards are a great way to gain access to our exclusive product lines without having to decide which product you want now. They are perfect for gifts as well, allowing the recipient to get exactly what they were looking for, when they were looking to get it.

You will find our gift cards to be different than pretty much any others you have encountered before. We take out all of the red tape and fine print that makes your head spin, and simply give you fantastic buying power that is simple and straightforward.

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Think of redBucks gift cards just like using your credit card or cash to buy from us. They are simply and plainly dollars that can be used to purchase the products and services we offer to our customers. Let’s be honest though, everyone knows you would rather give a present of something rather than just cash. Your intent is for them to treat themselves to something they love. Luckily for you (and them), we just happen to have all kinds of gadgets, furniture and all other A/V toys for them to peruse and find that item what will enhance their life most.


Never Expire: We hate when companies do that. It doesn’t make any sense. Someone paid cold hard cash for the gift card, so why would it all of a sudden be no good? No one is telling you when or how to spend the money in your bank or giving you a deadline on when it needs to be spent, so why should we?

Use on Anything: You can use your gift card on any item we sell that is at full retail price (discounted & sale items excluded). Whether you are purchasing KEF Blades for $30,000 or an HDMI cable for $100, they’re as good as cash.

Digital Copy: We are here to make your life easier. As soon as you order the gift card, you’ll receive an email with the code you can use on your next purchase. If for some reason you do not receive this, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will ensure you get the gift card you ordered!