Astell&Kern Recorder // Portable High Resolution Music Recorder

Astell&Kern Recorder // Portable High Resolution Music Recorder

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The AK Recorder is a modular recorder product, designed to be used in combination with any AK300 Series(AK380, AK320 and AK300) product, that delivers live-quality recording and playback of vocals and instrumentals.

This portable, handy recorder offers a wide range of features, such as DSD 5.6MHz recording (the first of its kind in a portable recorder), support for professional condenser microphones through independent phantom power, detailed control of microphones and pre-amplifier Gains, an interface that spans both analog and digital, a digital limiter for professionals, a peak hold, a low cut filter, and support for a number of recording options including pre-recording.

Prices are not yet set for either of the kits, so until they come out, you can only pre-order the recording device only.

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The AK Recorder is capable of recording sounds from a variety of sources.

You can record live sessions, vocals, instruments and speech, as well as both analog and digital sources by connecting it with other devices.


This product is the recorder only. If you want more than just the recorder, you can purchase the Recorder Kit (AK Recorder Device, Mini XLR to XLR Cable x2, Quick Start Guide, Warranty Card) or the AK Stereo Mic Kit (AK Recorder Device, DPA SC4061 MIC x2, Mini XLR to XLR Cable x2, MIC Stand, Tripod Grip, Magnet Mount, Universal Mount, String Holder, Wind Screen, Quick Start Guide, Warranty Card).

Product Concept

The AK Recorder, which refers to a combination of any AK300 Series device and the Recorder Module, provides you with a whole new level of product. The AK Recorder is a professional recording device that provides you with studio-quality sound, the ultimate goal of all Astell&Kern products.

No matter which AK300 Series product you choose, you will be surprised to find an aesthetically pleasing design and the ability to take advantage of the advanced recording technology in the AK Recorder. Take your first transformational step from music consumer to music producer by combining the AK Recorder with an Astell&Kern Portable Player. The AK Recorder features professional functions never found before in a portable recorder.

Wireless Control with Mobile App

No more crouching in front of recording equipment!

The AK Recorder supports remote control recording via Wi-Fi.

Simply install the free, dedicated application on your smartphone or tablet and you can record as much as you want from the convenience of that device, even if the actual recorder is somewhere else. You can start/stop/pause recording, adjust Gain, view level meters in real-time and access other professional features with just a touch.

The application supports up to 4 AK Recorders and of course you can start/stop/pause the recordings of each individual recorder.

*iOS / Android App to be released soon.


DSD Recording

The AK Recorder is the first portable recorder product in the world that supports DSD 5.6MHz recording.

While many expensive, professional products typically support up to 24bit/192kHz recording, the AK Recorder provides support for DSD 5.6MHz recording for a proper recording of original sound.

With the support of DSD 5.6MHz recording you will be able to record each and every second of a live music recording in DSD 5.6MHz format, the format closest to analog in terms of quality.

Just like Astell&Kern products provide listeners with the ultimate sound quality via DSD playback, using the DSD 5.6MHz recording feature on the AK Recorder you can record the entire live session experience, from the breath of the main vocalist to the sound of air that fills the space in the best sound possible.

The goal of Astell&Kern is to convey sound in a form that is faithful to its source.

Now you can record, play and listen to the most faithful sound possible with the AK Recorder.

A Complete Recording Solution

The AK Recorder is a complete recording solution that allows recording via microphones and supports input from both analog and digital sources.astell-kern-ak-recorder-4

Though small in size, the AK Recorder provides 5V/48V phantom power necessary for professional condenser microphones.
Support for Mini XLR LINE1 and 3.5mm LINE2 allows you to connect a number of external audio devices with ease.
You can connect the phono amplifier of a turntable to record analog LP signals as a perfect digital signal and connect easily with products that have digital-out ports via the AES3(AES/EBU) digital input ports.

Furthermore, detailed control of microphones and pre-amplifier Gains are available.
Depending on the purpose and environment of each recording, the microphone levels can be increased by 3dB and the pre-amplifier can be increased by 0.5dB using the touch interface.

The AK Recorder is suitable for any and all forms of recording, whether it be a performance, a live concert, an interview, a meeting or an analog LP signal.

Advanced Recording Technology

The AK Recorder provides a number of features to give you an easy-to-use system through which to produce the highest possible recording quality. Advanced Compressor/Limiter, Peak Hold, Low Cut Filter and Pre Recording features are all designed to produce a quality recording.

During a recording, a loud noise the user is incapable of controlling may be fed into the device. This phenomenon is called “clipping”.

The AK Recorder’s Compressor/Limiter feature prevents clippings. The Compressor/Limiter automatically adjusts any sound level that exceeds a user-defined threshold to prevent sound distortion. As a result, you can rest assured that your recordings will be clipping-free.

The Peak Hold feature detects the peak signal from the input signal and displays its value. Users can view the peak value displayed in the level meter and adjust the Gain accordingly.

Various kinds of low-frequency noises can be introduced during the recording. The AK Recorder’s Low Cut Filter eliminates low-frequency noises from within the user-defined frequency range. This in turn reduces unwanted noises like breathing and humming from other appliances.

Did the band start playing or did the actor start talking before you were set to record? No worries, the AK Recorder has a feature called Pre Recording that automatically starts to record 2/3/5/10 seconds prior to the actual recording start.

With just one simple touch you can add markers at any point in a recording where further attention is needed and segment the recording file by touching the File Segmentation icon once.

The AK Recorder is packed full of a wide range of recording features suitable for amateur and professional use, allowing you to produce the recording of your dreams.

Convenient User Interface

Dull black and white displays, a hoard of buttons that you can never fathom the use of without a manual
– These are not true for the AK Recorder. A large, touch-enabled display allows you to record conveniently and intuitively.

The AK Recorder also provides a Welcome Guide with easy-to-follow, on-screen instructions. The main interface consists of the most frequently used recording features and intuitive graphics that allow you to easily differentiate between analog and digital inputs.

Just sliding your finger up or down will adjust the Gain of the microphone and the pre-amplifier; advanced recording options such as Pre Recording and Low Cut Filter can be set all at once.

The convenient and easy to use interface lets you enjoy the entire recording process.



  • Model: PRF11 / AK Recorder
  • Body Color: Meteoric Titan
  • Body Material: Aluminum
  • Recording Channel: 2 channel, Stereo recording
  • Audio Inputs: mini XLR 3pin type MIC/LINE x2(L/R), AES3 x1(L), 3.5mm MIC/LINE x1
  • mini XLR 3pin map: 1 : Ground(G) / 2 : Positive(+) / 3 : Negative(-)
  • Key Interface: MIC / LINE1 / AES3 select key x1, MIC2 / LINE2 select key x1, Phantom Power select key x1 (off / 5V / 48V)
  • Battery: 4,700mAh 3.7V Li-Polymer Battery
  • Continuous Recording Time: about 4hours (24bit/96kHz WAV, External Mic & Phantom Power 48V)
  • Dimensions: 3.17 ”(80.7 mm) [W] x 5.01 ”(127.4 mm) [H] x 1.17 ”(29.9 mm) [D]
  • Weight: 8.85 oz (251 g)

Audio Performance

  • Recording Bit Rate: WAV : 16 / 24 / 32bit, DSD64, DSD128
  • Sampling Frequency: 44.1 / 48 / 88.2 / 96 / 176.4 / 192 / 352 / 384kHz
  • Frequency Response: 10Hz ~ 40kHz
  • A/D Dynamic Range: 116dB A-weighted bandwidth
  • Equivalent Input Noise: MIC : -126dBu, 150ohm source, A-weighted filter
  • THD+N: MIC : 0.0004% max (1kHz, -15dBu) / LINE : 0.0006% max (1kHz, -15dBu)
  • Gain: MIC : 9 to 60dB, 3.0dB increments / LINE : -96 to 22dB, 0.5dB increments
  • Low Cut Filters: 40 ~ 240Hz in 10Hz steps @ 6,12,18,24dB/oct
  • Compressor & Limiter: 0 ~ -10dBFS, 1:2 ~ 1:20; Limiter, 1~1,000ms attack time, 10~2,000ms release time
  • Phantom Power: 5V / 48V


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