Astell&Kern AK100II Case

Astell&Kern AK100II Case

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AK100II Case

The 2nd generation of AK100, adopts the Buttero Leather, which is supplied from the renowned Italian tannery ‘WALPIER TANNERY’.

‘WALPIER TANNERY’ is a third generation tannery which was founded in 1973 and handles only French raw leather. ‘WALPIER TANNERY’ is registered with the ‘VERA PELLE’ Association, which only produce outstanding vegetable leather using traditional methods.

Each leather case is provided with a warranty card and serial number.

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BUTTERO leather is made from a process called ‘WALPIER TANNERY’. It uses the highest standard of raw leather sourced directly from France.

This process brings out all the natural characteristics available in the leather. With a dense tissue and very smooth surface, Buttero leather shows the true appearance of a fine leather.

The AK100Ⅱ leather case adopts a crocodile-embossed print, which is both rugged and elegant simultaneously.


The degree of pattern and intensity varies depending on each piece of leather hide used in production.
With leather being a natural material, each case may show slight colour and grain variations which is unique to every piece.

Age also adds character to the case during its lifetime. Over time, the leather will adapt itself to the user and develop a personalised and individual look and feel. To increase longevity and ruggedness a thermal processing is applied to improve scratch resistance.

Material | Italian BUTTERO Leather
Available Colors | Blue / Black / Orange


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