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At NuVo, they believe in music.

Amplification systems like NuVo’s have been available for some time, but only to the extremely high-end client (with an equally extreme price tag). At NuVo, they believe that music is for everyone, and having it in the home in this way is a must. Once you experience it you’ll know what they mean–and you’ll never go back!

It is their commitment to bring the most innovative, highest quality music experience into as many homes as possible at an affordable price.

Much of what makes this perfect balance of high quality and maximum affordability is that they do this by bringing together the best possible engineering talent and the most efficient manufacturing that can be obtained. Many of NuVo’s engineers also have strong music industry backgrounds, giving them a unique sensitivity to sound quality that is just not present at many electronics companies. They pride ourselves on creating audio solutions that experts like these would have in their homes.

At their new facility in Northern Kentucky (near the Greater Cincinnati Airport), NuVo Technologies has made a brand new home for its love of music. NuVo shares its home with a much bigger family of musical companies under the Hanser Music Group name, who has embraced the art and science of music for over 80 years. HMG has built an impressive portfolio of musical instrument and amplification brands that are highly regarded in the industries they serve: B.C. Rich Guitars, Kustom Amplification, Michael Kelly Guitars, Traben Bass Guitars, Davitt & Hanser-National Music Network and OLP Guitars. They all share a common foundation of both technological expertise and industry savvy.

NuVo is excited about the extraordinary products and services they offer. They invite you to experience for yourself the exceptional quality and innovative solutions that NuVo has become known for. Let your home come alive with the music you love. NuVo is proud to make this possible for you.