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Sonus faber
Sonus faber | Olympica III

Artisan workmanship, technology, and sensitiveness.

At the Sonus Faber works, aesthetic solutions of contemporary beauty mix operational logic, architectural design, and nature: a nucleus of glass enclosed by two wooden wings—which recall the staves of the lute—where natural light is diffused, creating a harmonious leit motif.

These are the three fundamental values of Sonus faber, which are realised in its loudspeakers, an example of excellence in the world of high fidelity sound reproduction. The synthesis between woodworking in the ancient art of lute making and the more modern technologies for the processing of metals, and the perfection of loudspeakers from the Northern European school, is increasingly perfect.

Sonus faber is today part of the product portfolio of Fine Sounds Group, the holding company of the brands Audio Research, leader in the production and sales of audio electronic components High-Definition Vacuum-Tubes (valves) and Solid State, Wadia Digital, one of the first companies dedicated to high-performance digital audio playback, which has been at the forefront in technology for Apple iPod and iPhone docking stations, Sumiko, importer and distributor of the best audio components in North America; Fine Sounds Group has recently purchased McIntosh Laboratory, the most important American producer of high fidelity systems, world leader in prestigious home entertainment systems and for over 60 years in highest quality audio systems.

With these important acquisitions, result of the entrepreneurial project of Mauro Grange (CEO of Sonus faber and Fine Sounds Group), Sonus faber together with its American ‘sisters’ makes up the world’s largest group in the High-End sector, that is the sophisticated and prestigious world market of acoustic speakers and audio electronics.

The recent acquisition of McIntosh, based in Binghamton – NY, is for End Sounds a “marquee investment” whose strategic objective is to offer products that are the best in the world in their category. Fine Sounds Group employs 270 staff.

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